Hello, we're Trove – we're thrilled to meet you.

It's been a long time coming, and we are so excited to finally announce Trove Group: a parent agency empowered by a borderless team of 4 specialist agencies. 

Formed by POWER SHIFTER, Content & Brand, and Vuja Dé Digital, Trove forges a simpler path to success: one where clients have a single point-of-contact, and access to a range of brand design, content production, digital technology, and performance strategy experts.

Trove started, as most things do, as a simple idea: a notion that there is a more flexible agency model that merges specialist service with "big agency" convenience. 

Devoid of buzzwords, what we mean by that is that we dreamed of an agency model where clients receive the exact specialized services they need without having to manage disparate boutique agencies or turn to clunky traditional agencies. 

We created Trove to address common client pain points, including by:

  • Establishing a primary point of contact. Trove is designed for simplicity — unlike when working with multiple disparate agencies, with Trove you will always have a single point of contact, meaning you won’t need to connect the dots between different stakeholders and agencies.
  • Streamlining admin and onboarding. Trove operates as one unit, so you only need to onboard us once  — and you’ll only have a single billing source option. 
  • Breaking down cumbersome silos. Trove envisions a new, disruptive agency model — one of subject matter experts with proven, specialized track records. No smoke & mirrors - at Trove, you get a united team that already works harmoniously together. 

Our agency leaders have decades of experience, and know first-hand what works and what doesn't work when it comes to agency culture and structure. What we've learned along the way is that agencies, above all, need to be people-first. Trove Group is rooted in respect — Compassion, Communication, and Collaboration are our guideposts — and that extends across our internal teams, our clients, and our clients' customers. We've created an ecosystem in which everyone is seen, heard, and valued. This also means that from the ground up, we've designed Trove to amplify your brand growth, empower your employees and customers, and give you the most value for your time.

With Trove, we are defining a new type of agency structured in direct response to today's brand interactions. In this digital landscape, clients need flexible partners that can develop holistic strategies across the entire modern customer journey. That may sound like table-stakes, but you'd be surprised at how often traditional agencies fall short. Through Trove's brain trust of expertise, we ensure you receive the exact services to scale brand relevance, optimize user experiences, and secure market share. 

We could not be more excited to publicly launch Trove Group, which has been infused with our agencies' shared commitment to excellence. Fuelled by creativity, driven by technology, optimized by data, and humanized by storytelling, Trove takes brands on their digital rejuvenation journey by delivering the right creative to the right people at the right moment through the right channel.

We're hitting the ground running and ready to disrupt the norm. We would love to hear from and work with you. Say hello to us here, visit us at TeamTrove.com, and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter.