Trove Partner Vuja De Digital Wins Performance Media and Marketing Campaign of the Year at MediaPost’s Planning & Buying Awards 2024

Trove partner Vuja De Digital, a leader in the innovative media strategies sector, is proud to announce its recent victory at the MediaPost Planning & Buying Awards 2024. The prestigious award celebrates excellence in media planning, strategy, and buying, reflecting the agency's commitment to creativity and effectiveness in advertising.

Celebrating Creative Excellence: Vuja De Digital's Award Win

The MediaPost Planning & Buying Awards recognize the intricacy and creativity required in the media planning and buying processes, affirming that these tasks are as artistically demanding as creating visuals for print or television campaigns. This year, Vuja De Digital claimed the top spot with their campaign, "Increasing Patient Traffic - Diversifying Audience Demands," designed for a leading Retail Urgent Care Provider.

Strategic Innovation: The Campaign that Clinched the Award

Amidst declining visits and revenue post-COVID-19 challenges, the leading Urgent Care Provider sought innovative ways to remain a top choice for urgent healthcare services. Vuja De Digital excelled by implementing cutting-edge data strategies that aligned the Urgent Care Provider's services with community needs, leveraging micro signals such as website interactions and virtual care sign-ups as demand indicators.

Aligning Strategy with Technology: How Vuja De Digital Drove Results

Their sophisticated use of media mix modeling demonstrated how strategic marketing investments could directly enhance offline patient revenue, achieving an extraordinary 8X return on ad spend, generating $14 million in revenue attributable to marketing, and facilitating 17,000 incremental patient visits to the leading Retail Urgent Care Provider's facilities.

Recognizing the Minds Behind the Success

This remarkable campaign was not just a victory for Vuja De Digital but also a testament to the effectiveness of their media strategies in driving real-world results. The firm worked in collaboration with Keen DS, a renowned data/marketing measurement platform, to precisely quantify the impacts of their media investments.

The awards were evaluated by a distinguished panel of industry experts, underscoring the high standards and competitive nature of the accolades. 

Credits for this successful campaign include Co-Founders Todd Juneau and Kelly Maguire, Head of Strategy, alongside a talented team: Tim Griffin, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics; Bijan Malaklou, Sr. Director of Social; Lisa Worman, Sr. Director of Search; Bruno Braga, Director of Programmatic; and Rob Rivera, Associate Director of Analytics.

Vuja De Digital's achievement at the MediaPost Planning & Buying Awards highlights its role as a frontrunner in the realm of performance media and marketing, setting new benchmarks for innovation and success in the industry.