Revitalizing consumer engagement

Ajinomoto is a Japanese multinational food and biotechnology corporation. Ajinomoto's most popular frozen food brands include Tai Pei and Ling Ling Chicken encompassing a wide variety of Asian-inspired dishes, such as dumplings, spring rolls, stir-fries, and noodle dishes.


Ajinomoto, a top global food CPG company, saw stagnation in consumer engagement and digital media results for its key frozen food brands, Ling Ling and Tai Pei. The company had trouble correlating sales to their media investments, with notable frustration arising from their agency's inability to make this connection. They needed enhanced consumer targeting, refined digital media strategies, and a means to quantify the digital media's effect on sales.


Our mission had two main objectives. First, we aimed to address gaps in Ling Ling and Tai Pei's media strategies. Second, we crafted a smarter, goal-oriented strategy to boost digital media activation and meet sales targets. This involved a thorough audit of the company's metrics. Using comprehensive data and analytics, we rectified reporting errors and refined their approach. We recommended a new product segmentation, allowing us to pinpoint new potential consumers of Asian frozen foods. Critically, our strategy linked digital engagement to in-store sales.


Business consulting
Performance readiness
Paid social
Paid search
Programmatic media reporting
Measurement studies

The Results


growth over 12 months


added to average annual sales


repeat purchase rate

The implementation of our strategy led to a substantial uplift in sales, achieving 50% more than the original goal and surpassing competitor levels. The overall sales levels for Ling Ling and Tai Pei doubled from what was recorded under the previous agency. Within 18 months, the brands' market equity and the company's overall valuation underwent a significant positive transformation.

Growth of over 30% in 12 months for Tai Pei

After implementing our strategy, Tai Pei added $59M to average annual sales with a repeat purchase rate of 38%.

Ling Ling reached the #1 sales spot in the category

Thanks to these changes, Ling Ling tripled purchases, and enjoyed a 35%+ repeat purchase rate.

Tailoring digital strategies for success

Through our digital strategy, we were able to connect digital marketing efforts directly with consumer engagement and sales performance. We transformed both brands’ performance and Ajinomoto’s understanding of its customer base and digital marketing strategy as a whole.