Health, Wellness and Safety Training

Kinross Gold—one of the world’s largest gold miningcompanies—wanted to boost employee safety, mentalhealth, and overall wellness levels.

The problem was that their previous engagement effortshad been ineffective and failed to engage employeesin a meaningful way.


  • At certain mine sites, Kinross’s miners were flippantly disregarding safety regulations.
  • Bravado, hyper masculinity, and machismo were primarily to blame for reckless behaviour that impacted physical safety and mental wellbeing.
  • Previous efforts to change attitudes and the overall culture had failed because miners didn’t respond well to being “PowerPointed to death."
  • Traditional mental-health and wellness programs were also dismissed because of entrenched cultural beliefs.


1. The Animated Film

We needed to find an innovative strategy to get this group of macho employees to open up and discuss their feelings without realizing that they were opening up and discussing their feelings.

We created an original animated film in which the protagonist was a stand-in for the average miner dealing with a mental health crisis, drinking too much, pushing friends and family away, and being closed to help.

2. The Workshop

The animated movie kicked things off. The employees were excited to discuss the issues facing the film’s protagonist in ways that they were never open to talking about themselves before.

Discussions were aided by six deconstruction videos that broke down the themes of the film and helped participants see themselves and those they loved in the characters of the movie.

3. The Virtual
Reality Experience

The next hurdle was teaching participants how to recognize their own mental and physical health issues, and embracing new habits that would help them lead healthier and happier lives.

The solution was gamifying the lesson through a VR experience. Using a Meta Oculus headset, participants learned how their own choices affected their overall health.

The group was also introduced to meditation and other mindfulness techniques.

4. The Graphic Novel

The lessons from the VR experience and animated movie were distilled into a graphic novel that participants kept as a resource.

The graphic novel mixed entertainment with helpful tips in order to make it a reference book that they’d actually read, use, and hang onto.

The Result


In stress related sick days


hours spent accessing health & wellness service


of workshop
AVA Digital Marketing Award (Best Corporate VR Experience)


in Official Film Festival