Fitness International's comprehensive strategy boosts guest passes & conversions

Fitness International is the parent company of LA Fitness, eSporta, and City Sports, one of the largest fitness club chains in the United States. They operate over 550 clubs in North America, and offer a variety of fitness services.


Fitness International, a conglomerate housing three distinct gym brands – LA Fitness, eSporta, and City Sports Club – faced the challenge of promoting their brands across the US and Canada. They needed to ensure all locations felt supported, while acknowledging each brand's unique positioning. Their primary objective was to drive 'paying guest passes' across all brands and locations.


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The key mission was to formulate a strategy that would support all three brands across both the US and Canada, ensuring no location was left unsupported. This goal was to be achieved through the efficient and broad coverage of digital media, traditional TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising. The primary focus was to create message awareness and drive traffic to the guest pass signup process. However, the campaign faced challenges as it began late in the year, leading to an aggressive push at the new year's onset without the desired conversion from guest passes to memberships.

The Results


Increase in foot traffic


Reach to new customers

Through our comprehensive analysis of the user journey — both online and offline — we gained a critical understanding of the challenges in converting guest pass signups into long-term memberships. From there, we were able to tweak the strategy to diversify KPIs and drive potential customers through different routes: direct online membership, in-store visitation, or guest pass signup. This new approach significantly improved ROI and offline conversions and drove substantial growth.

Results in the first three months of the campaign year

In just three months, we saw substantial results. By diversifying our focuses to drive membership through different routes and channels, we were able to address gaps in registration to significantly increase ROI.

Over a 50% increase in foot traffic

Offline measurement studies indicated over a 50% increase in foot traffic among individuals exposed to the campaign.

A replicable strategy that Fitness International can turn to

When there was an observed downturn in momentum after the campaign work, Fitness International successfully replicated these strategies in the following year, reversing momentum and continuing to drive significant conversions.