An intelligent platform that shifts the power from retailers back into the hands of consumers.

We saw a gap in the luxury watch landscape. So we partnered with industry leaders to revolutionize the market.


User research
Context briefing workshop
Stakeholder interviews
Iterated design personas
Co-design workshops
Service blueprints
Value stream mapping
Future-state roadmapping
Wireframe prototypes

Applying decades of agency learnings

Design thinking + product development + the luxury market. Our product development prowess paired with industry-specific knowledge allowed us to create a powerful search engine tailored for the luxury space.


When we identified a gap in the luxury landscape, we took on the monumental challenge of bringing luxxee (, an investor-backed luxury e-commerce product, to life.

Power Shifter's CEO, JP Holecka, partnered with industry leaders to revolutionize the watch market, setting out to create an intelligent product that would allow consumers to make informed purchases in the luxury watch space.

"We understand that a start-up budget is finite yet the pressures to prove yourself are higher. Some know this hypothetically — having been in the trenches with luxxee, Power Shifter understands this firsthand."
JP Holecka, CEO Power Shifter, Founder luxxee


As changes to digitized consumer habits accelerated throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we steered our processes to create e-commerce experiences tailored to today's realities. Despite a changing landscape, we successfully turned luxxee from a strong idea into a successful product.

luxxee was born out of a hypothesis — we felt great SEO and a powerful search engine would lead consumers to buy watches from our suppliers. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, with many consumers purchasing watches in excess of $17,000.

Though investor priorities have changed since launch, bringing luxxee to market verified what we already knew: that design thinking, user research, and superior product design are the necessary components to moving savvy consumers to make high-end purchases.

A one-stop shop for the world's top watch brands

At its height, luxxee allowed consumers to browse from over 170,000 Rolex, Omega, Tudor, and Breitling items, among other renowned brands — with a retail value of $3000-$150,000 per resale item

A content strategy that drives affiliate sales

Alongside this, we created a luxury e-commerce digital publication to direct consumers to our listings and drive affiliate sales. Based around the concept of Time, we provide industry-leading content across the funnel to engage potential consumers and solidify luxxee as the go-to expert on luxury watches.

Beyond providing value to consumers, this content is already starting to rank for top search terms in the luxury watch space.

Becoming our
own client

Both the luxxee platform and publication have honed our intrinsic knowledge of e-commerce and luxury consumer goods. Being on the hook for the success of luxxee — not only as the agency of record but also as one-third equity investment partners — has provided us with the experience to expedite development and move faster than our competitors.

We have experienced firsthand what a start-up is faced with when building a product from the inside, out. Now, we're better positioned than ever to bring products to market that redefine our clients' industries and exceed both client and investor expectations.

You can't make the claim to really know the challenges of a start-up until you've been a start-up. We've been a start-up — we understand your needs at a deeper level.
JP Holecka
Power Shifter