Employer Brand Campaign

RBC—Canada’s largest bank—wanted to better convey all of the opportunities, possibilities, and benefits that they offered their 89,000 employees and prospective employees.


  • RBC wanted to attract better talent, rebuild company morale, and decrease attrition rates.
  • The Great Resignation and the War for Talent forced RBC to reimagine the complex relationship between employer & employee and work & life.
  • Because it was such a large and varied institution,RBC offered employees interesting and diverse opportunities.


Our solution started with reimagining RBC’s Employee Value Proposition. To focus our campaign, we started by dividing employees into five categories that coincided with their phase of life and stage of career.This allowed us to personalize and better target content.

Make It Yours—The Employer Brand Statement

Our next challenge was to come up with a new tagline that would excite RBC’s current employees, but simultaneously inspire prospective employees to apply.

We synthesized all of our findings into a simple employer brand statement that put the employee—not the institution—at the centre: Make It Yours.

We developed an original verbal and visual language to accompany this new employer brand statement.

This included the creation of a visual style guide, icons, and templates that have been rolled out across the enterprise and is used to guide all external-facing recruitment efforts and internal-facing employee engagement efforts.

TV Commercial & Social Cut-Downs

The lessons from the VR experience and animated movie were distilled into a graphic novel that participants kept as a resource.

The graphic novel mixed entertainment with helpful tips in order to make it a reference book that they’d actually read, use, and hang onto.

Social Cut-Downs

We created 12 shorts for social media that tapped into the Six Pillars of RBC’semployee value proposition and into some of the perks and benefits that comefrom working at one of the world’s biggest banks.

Digital and Social

We created the copy, photography, and layout for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google banner ads to drive visits and applications on RBC’s career site.

Out of Home

We created an out-of-home campaign in targeted locations to reinforce the idea that RBC is an ideal destination for top talent.

Documentary Film & Animated Storytelling

To help bolster application numbers for other RBC business divisions, C&B developed a series of documentaries and animated shorts that told real stories of real RBC employees.

The Result

The campaign is multi-phased and will span several years.Roll out began in January 2023 across Canada. The campaign will extend to the U.S. and U.K. in summer of 2023.

In applications to open RBC roles
Employee attrition numbers
Engagement/usage of internal myHR platform
Usage of underutilized benefits/perks/programs