Bringing TELUS
Multi-Suite services to the next level

Creating a consistent customer experience across 26 different tools & systems and 11 business units into one multi-suite offering

When TELUS acquired Intello Technologies, a company with a strong foothold in providing Wi-Fi to multi-dwelling suite buildings, they needed help simplifying their lines of business. POWER SHIFTER was engaged as a change and systems management expert to simplify internal communication silos, reduce wait times between lines of business, and create one unified Center of Excellence


After acquiring Intello, a company with a strong foothold in providing WiFi to hotels, retirement communities, convention centres, and more, TELUS needed to better understand how the many pieces of the Multi-Suite puzzle fit together.

As TELUS Multi-Suite combines so many critical services into one offering — equipping hotels, retirement communities, and other multi-dwelling lodgings with Optik TV, PureFibre Internet, home/guest phone landlines, and mobility — installing their products in these units was naturally more complex.

To better understand how various teams and departments could streamline processes to provide smoother service, TELUS first needed to fully understand the current state of the nation. To accomplish this, we spent six months assessing how TELUS Multi-Suite integrates 26 different tools and systems across 11 different business units.


User research
Context briefing workshop
Stakeholder interviews
Iterated design personas
Co-design workshops
Service blueprints
Value stream mapping
Future-state roadmapping
Wireframe prototypes


To understand the current state of Multi-Suite, we held interviews with various stakeholders across TELUS Business, from C-Suite and product managers to frontline staff such as Installers.

To deepen our knowledge, we organized a 5-city, two-day co-design workshop involving 50+ stakeholders and Power Shifter leaders across Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton. We brought collaboration tools into the TELUS advanced audiovisual boardrooms to gather input from stakeholders from across the value chain.

On day one, we aligned on pains & gains and points of friction. On day two, we took it a step further, finding future-forward solutions so that TELUS could continue providing world-class service to hotels and beyond.

Through this research, we also created personas that would help all team members better understand internal roles across TELUS Multi-Suite's workflow.

With a clear roadmap in hand, TELUS has embarked on the journey of bringing our service design plan to life. The enthusiasm for the strategy we developed, with its promise of simplicity and efficiency, has the TELUS team optimistically moving into a future of enhanced operational efficiency and superior Multi-Suite services. In partnership with Power Shifter, TELUS is not just navigating the complexities but transforming them into opportunities for growth. As we step back, we can’t wait to see how this strategic implementation evolves, taking TELUS Multi-Suite to its next exciting iteration.

User research spanning the organization

Our research showed how distinct departments can better work together to serve their customers, ensuring all product managers, sales support, operators, field tech, and more knew how to collaborate for TELUS Multi-Suite.

Co-design workshop spanning the country

Collaboration, without boundaries. We brought important TELUS stakeholders together across five cities, ensuring voices were heard across the entire value chain.

A better flow of information and processes

Our work helped reduce wait times between lines of business by optimizing internal workflows, ensuring information flowed more easily across the organization.

One unified training centre

By establishing a Centre of Excellence across the country, TELUS was able to minimize back and forth between teams, increase training, and create one unified point of contact that connected specialized business units.

A more consistent customer experience

Getting teams internally aligned post-M&A is never easy. We optimized costs by standardizing processes across Multi-Suite team members and solutions.Today, TELUS Multi-Suite provides solutions to over 1000 hotels.

Solving for the short- and long-term

Our engagement culminated with a final showcase where we provided both short-term "quick wins" and created a future vision together to bring TELUS Multi-Suite to its next iteration.

"POWER SHIFTER was amazing to work with — thank you for managing through all the twists and turns!"
Cody Morash
TELUS Multi-Suite”